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The following standards must be followed when been absent from work.

  • All holidays must be requested via a ‘holiday request form’ and submitted to the office. This includes all holiday’s that have already been pre-booked.

    • Holidays ‘To Take’ must be booked between 2nd January 2020 & 30th November 2020

    • Holidays in December can only be booked with special authorisation from Myself (G.Chadwick).

    • 2020 holiday entitlement cannot be carried over to 2021


  • All pre-booked appointments must be given to the office in writing at the earliest opportunity. Provisions should be made to book all appointments outside of work time. If you would like to book this as a holiday, a holiday request form must be submitted.


  • If you need to leave the site, during work time, Baskerville's site manager must be informed. Myself (G.Chadwick) and the office must then be informed by the site manager.


2020 Bank Holidays







*If a bank holiday is on a weekend, a ‘substitute’ weekday becomes a bank holiday, normally the following Monday.


2020 Statutory Holidays


With regards to working out the number of holidays, you are allowed we follow statutory guidelines as found on  

This states If you work a standard 5 day week, you are entitled to 28days paid holiday per year. If you take away your Bank holidays & Statutory holidays it would work out that you have 16 days to take.

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2020 Holiday Procedure









1st January

10th April

13th April

8th May

25th May

31st August

25th December

28th December

New Years Day

Good Friday

Easter Monday

Early May Bank Holiday

Spring Bank Holiday

Summer Bank Holiday

Christmas Day

Boxing Day (Substitute Day)





24th December

29th December

30th December

31st December

Christmas Break

Christmas Break

Christmas Break

Christmas Break

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